Are You Beginning to See the Light - or Lack Thereof?

Our lighting creates a welcoming atmosphere in Cedar Rapids & Marion, IA

Don't keep your employees in the dark. Regardless of how long your local business has been open, you still have time to adjust your light fixtures. Our light installations provide a blend of functionality and design that you'll love. We can customize a lighting package that meets your needs without breaking your budget.

3 reasons to brighten your bulbs

Studies show that poor visibility is a downer - in more ways than one. Here are a few reasons to consider improving your commercial lighting:

  • Better lighting reduces the risk of accidents
  • Greater visibility prevents unnecessary errors
  • A brighter workplace contributes to a more cheerful environment

Are the members of your team operating to the best of their ability? A lighting upgrade may spark the production boost you need. Contact our team at 319-560-0300.

Benefits of a Total Illumination partnership

Total Illumination is run by a husband and wife team. Our owners have years of construction and banking experience, which makes them dynamic business partners. They're committed to transforming your Eastern Iowa workplace with quality lighting installations. Total Illumination offers:

  • Rebates and warranties
  • Free evaluations
  • Repair services
  • Streamlined installations

We only carry preminum products from companies based in the United States. Pick a lighting option that appeases your clients and employees. You shouldn't keep your business in the shadows. Call 319-560-0300 for more information on installation in Eastern Iowa.

Have you looked closely at your meter readings lately?

Your electric bill might be too high due to inaccurate readings

With the summer weather here, electric bills might be skyrocketing. What if it's too high because your meter readings are inaccurate. Don't get stuck with an enormous bill, check your meters. Click the link below to learn how you can save money!

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