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Before you upgrade the lighting in your commercial workplace to LED lights in Cedar Rapids, IA, take some time to consult with the professionals abut which options are best for you. At Total Illumination, it’s our job to make sure you’re getting the right lighting, at the right price. That’s why we bring our customers only the best bulbs from trusted brands and why we provide lighting consultations free of charge!

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LED Products In-Stock

We have the largest selection of LED lights for sale in Cedar Rapids, IA and are familiar with every product we offer. From various LED intensities, to different bulb shapes and sizes, we have access to the lighting you need. Likewise, if you’re looking for something in particular, just ask us! We’ll comb our inventory for something that meets your needs.

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Lighting Evaluations

There are a lot of questions when upgrading your lighting. How many bulbs will I need and what types are right for my facilities? What will the cost of the upgrade be? How long will it take? We answer all of these questions and more during our free lighting evaluations. These evaluations give us the lay of the land when it comes to your facilities and answers the questions you have about LED lighting.

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Warranty Information

We offer 5-year warranties on all of our products, giving you the peace of mind you want in making the upgrade to LED lights. We guarantee the integrity and quality of the products we sell and will work with you in the case of any defective or faulty products.


There are various rebates available for choosing energy efficient lighting. Instead of leaving you to figure out these rebates yourself, we handle all rebates internally for your convenience. This way, you’re guaranteed the best price!

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Ready to make the upgrade to LED lighting with great products, backed by reliable experts? Contact Total Illumination today at 319-560-0300 and let us illuminate a better lighting solution.

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